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Jonathan Cope has journeyed with sound since 1992 and has studied with many of the leading practitioners in the field. This interview with Jonathan Goldman took place at a Sound Intensive Workshop in Loveland, Colorado, 2003. He has led workshops on the use of sound for health and relaxation (didjeridoo, overtone singing, Tibetan bowls, etc) for the past four years and is the author of the best-selling How to Play the Didjeridoo. He can be reached on jonnycopy@hotmail.com www.soundforhealth.com

Articles by Jonathan Cope

  1. Sacred Sound/Healing: Interview with Jonathan Goldman

    Listed in sound and music

    Homeopathy, light therapy and colour therapy, all seek to restore balance to the systems of the human body. People can begin to understand that sound is an energy form and that it d...

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