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Jody Jaffe has a strong interest in alternative healing. She often covered the subject as a feature writer for The Charlotte Observer, a newspaper in North Carolina. Now living in Silver Spring, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC, she co-writes novels with her husband, John Muncie, under the pen name, John Jaffe. Their new book, Shenandoah Summer, was released by Warner Books last August. Set in an arts colony in Virginia, it's about a woman who must choose between the farm she loves and a happier life. Their previous novel, Thief of Words, is about a man who rewrites a woman's troubled past through a series of romantic emails – which is how Muncie courted her. Jaffe is also the author of three equine-themed mysteries and teaches journalism at Georgetown University in Washington DC. She can be contacted on jodybjaffe@aol.com

Articles by Jody Jaffe

  1. My So-Called (Past) Life

    Listed in psychospiritual

    I wanted to be Cleopatra or at least Catherine the Great, but it turned out I was just another little Jewish girl in my past life. I was also a teenage boy in knickers and a cave-dw...

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