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Jesse Cannone CFT CPRS. Fitness and Rehabilitation expert, together with Massage therapist Steve Hefferon co-founded The Healthy Back Institute in 2001 and is the author of The 7 Day Back Pain Cure. Jesse has helped many people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals through his articles, books, audio programs, videos, and seminars. In addition to being a certified fitness trainer, Jesse holds many other certifications, including Post-Rehabilitation Specialist, Specialist in Performance Nutrition, and Master Fitness Trainer. He may be contacted via jesse@gethealthyandfit.com; www.losethebackpain.com

Articles by Jesse Cannone

  1. An Anti-Inflammatory Diet - The Antidote to Pain

    Listed in nutrition

    We all suffer with inflammation to some degree, says the author of this article, but over time a build up of problems can cause it to flare up and cause pain. What we eat is ultimat...

  2. The Healing Power of Far Infrared Heat (FIR)

    Listed in back pain

    The author explains that both ice and heat are well-known for breaking the pain-spasm cycle. However most heating remedies provide only superficial relief. Far Infrared Heat, on th...

  3. Facet Joint Syndrome: Source of Your Back or Neck Pain?

    Listed in back pain

    Facet joints connect your vertebrae together. They provide a smooth slippery surface allowing you to bend and twist. And they limit your range of motion just enough to prevent accid...

  4. Spinal Stenosis and Fusion Surgery

    Listed in back pain

    The author explains spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal, which can put pressure on the spinal cord and other spinal nerves. But not everyone who has it experie...

  5. 8 Pain Relievers You’ll Never Hear About From Your Doctor

    Listed in back pain

    This vital mineral compound acts fast to reduce muscle irritability, twitching, and painful muscle spasms. It has been shown to effectively deliver comfort by reducing pain in arthr...

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