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Jean-Pierre el-Rif is a Certified Rolfer trained at the European Rolf Institute in Munich Germany. He holds a university degree in Classics (Latin) with a minor in Biology. Fascinated with form, balance and movement, he also has spent time as a glass artist doing glassblowing and sculpture. He is currently practising in Richmond (South West London) as well as in Central London. For more information on Rolfing you can visit www.rolfinglondon.com or call Jean-Pierre on Tel: 020-8948 5159.

Articles by Jean-Pierre el-Rif

  1. Rolfing: Transformative Method of Structural Integration

    Listed in bodywork

    This article focuses on Rolfing, originally named Postural Integration and later Structural Integration, a comprehensive system of hands-on connective tissue manipulation which rele...

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