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Jane Lorimer MA (Hons) DC MOA (née McWhirter), qualified as a McTimoney Chiropractor in 1989 and worked for 21 years before deregistering while she completes a Naturopathic Nutrition diploma with the CNM. She has been cooking for nearly 40 years, but her special interest in Nutrition and Real Food began shortly after she set up The Wren Clinic, a holistic health centre in the City of London, in 1990 – before people knew what either Candida or organic food was. Many of their clients were ‘Tired All the Time’, with a whole range of complaints and no diagnosis. As almost all were treated successfully with Real Food and the naturopathic protocol for gut dysbiosis, she set up a Candida Support Group. When a small mention of this in the Daily Mail produced a deluge of enquiries from all over the UK, she collated a Directory of Practitioners Who Treat Candida Holistically and wrote The Practical Guide to Candida in 1995 (updated in 1997). She ran Candida Workshops with Gill Jacobs until 1998 when they made a video, Clear from Candida. The DVD, Clear from Candida is still available from Jane. It includes an hour’s cooking demonstration and recipes, Gillian Hamer explaining what is Candida and How should I treat it? and Gill Jacobs on Stress, Emotions and the Immune System.
She started giving her Healthy Cooking Courses and demonstrations again in 2004.She married David, Director of the Scientific and Medical Network, and they moved to Fife, Scotland in 1996, where they have been putting their health hunches to the test. So far neither Jane or David nor their two children, now 13 and 16, have needed to see a GP (not counting a few stitches!). She may be contacted at jmlorimer@gmail.com

Articles by Jane Lorimer

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    In this article on Obesity and Chronic Disease (CHD), the author, a McTimoney Chiropractor, authority on Candida and Wholefood Cookery says weight around the middle is a sign that t...

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