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Jamie Patterson, Abermed’s resident Psychotherapist, has more than 13 years of experience of working in mental health and wellbeing service settings. He graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 1997 and began his career supporting people in community residential settings. He then worked to rehabilitate individuals back into employment after a period of ill-health. Jamie helped to set-up an acclaimed mental health project for socially disadvantaged young people at Aberdeen Foyer, recognized by the Mental Health Foundation as an example of good practice. Jamie returned to education in 2005 and achieved accreditation as a cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist from the University of Dundee. He may be contacted via www.abermed.com

Articles by Jamie Patterson

  1. Occupational Stress - Key Contributing Factors

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    As a nation, we are permanently switched on. Social media ensures we are immediately kept up to date with the latest news. A plethora of television stations guarantee we never miss...

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