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Irina Matveikova MD is a Spanish board-certified physician in family medicine, specializing in Endocrinology and Clinical Nutrition and a certified expert in Eating Disorders. After graduating from medical school, Dr Matveikova undertook postgraduate studies in natural and holistic medicine in different countries worldwide. She has extensive international experience teaching in medical institutions and foundations, where she has given both lectures and courses.

Dr Matveikova became a staunch believer in the harmonious combination of natural and conventional medical approaches. She is now at the forefront of this field in Spain. She is the author of numerous published articles about digestive health and functional nutrition. Dr Matveikova’s practice focuses on Integrative, Holistic, and Preventive medicine and places great emphasis on patients´ self-education. She has received wide recognition as an opinion leader in her field in Spain and Latin America, where she is regularly quoted in major newspapers and magazines. Dr Matveikova works at her own private medical clinic in Madrid, and travels extensively as a consultant; is a member of ICOMEM (National Board of Medicine of Spain), SEEN (Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition), ESNM (European Society of Gastroenterology and Motility) and BHMA (British Herbal Medicine Association). Dr Matveikova may be contacted via http://irinamatveikova.com/

Articles by Irina Matveikova

  1. Our Second Brain and Digestive Intelligence

    Listed in colon health

    Remarkable as it may sound to you - our digestive system has a very sophisticated design, complexity and intelligence! It acts independently and so specifically in every single pers...

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