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Heather Parker BA Hons first encountered sound at an early age and studied music and drama in Liverpool to gain her BA Hons in 1996. Her love for music continued and she used her skills to teach Medau exercise classes between 2002-7. In 2006 she began her training on Simon Heather's course to become a sound healer. Simon created his own college - The College of Sound Healing and has a wealth of experience, teaching up and down the country as well as taking his knowledge abroad. Heather now runs her own voice and sound workshops as well as monthly chanting and toning and sound bath sessions. Heather may be contacted on markheather@fsmail.net  www.collegeofsoundhealing.co.uk  www.isissounds.weebly.com  

Articles by Heather Parker

  1. The Joy of Group Singing

    Listed in sound and music

    The author describes the experience of singing as an experience of sharing, freedom of expression, also giving health benefits through the endorphins released, lowering blood pressu...

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