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Gordon Dalgarno BSc (Hons Physics) MIOA Adv. Cert. Kinesiology AAMT EFT Cert. Reiki Master, Former Visiting Research Fellow, York and Keele Universities worked for many years as a physicist in industry, becoming the manager of a research group. He then worked at York University, first in the Music Department. with Professor John Paynter, and then the Electronics Department., on music for deaf and hard of hearing people. Also to enable people who could not use their hands to make music, with computer-based equipment, creating their individual expressive recorded performance of a piece. He then worked at Keele University on the therapeutic use of music with Professor John Sloboda. He is now in private practice ('Sounds Healthy') in Morecambe, practising Kinesiology, EFT and Hi-tech Therapy with Sound and Music and may be reached via gordon@sounds-healthy.org.uk ; www.sounds-healthy.org.uk

Articles by Gordon Dalgarno

  1. A Scientific Approach to Sound and Music Therapy

    Listed in sound and music

    Music Therapists have long used music in an interactive way with clients. There are many CDs on the market for healing purposes; both with sounds and music, and some practitioners a...

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