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Ágnes Nagy, Hungarian born, has lived in the UK for seven years, and is a Certified Callanetics® Instructor. Having discovered the Callanetics® workout about 15 years ago, it has been a part of her life for much of that time. Becoming a certified Callanetics® instructor has changed her life, enabling her to transform people's lifestyles and encourage them to care more about themselves. Seeing her students becoming happier and uplifted after the classes makes her love her job more and more every day. She is also completing a degree in Music Technology – Audio Systems, and hopes to be working in the music industry professionally in a couple of years time, alongside her fitness career. Agnes may be contacted via Callaneticswithagnes@yahoo.co.uk

Articles by Ágnes Nagy

  1. Callanetics(r) - Superb Exercise Programme based upon Ballet and Yoga

    Listed in bodywork

    This article focuses on Callanetics exercises, developed in the 1980s by ex-ballerina Callan Pinckney. The author explains how the exercises work and can change the body from head t...

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