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Geraldine McMahon combines the principles of Shiatsu and positive thinking with a clear focus to raise awareness in clients, empowering and inspiring them to create a life of health, happiness and fulfilment. She has been inspired by over 20 years of Transcendental Meditation and more recently Chi Kung, NLP and Shamanic Healing. She has practices in North, West and South London, provides Magenta Healing Office Massage and organizes retreats in a magical ecological location in Portugal. Geraldine is offering Positive Health readers a 10% discount on treatments booked before February 2006. She can be contacted on Tel: 07767 496 809; geraldine@magentahealing.com; www.magentahealing.com

Articles by Geraldine McMahon

  1. Case Study Issue 118: Benefits of Shiatsu and Positive Thinking

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    In this article, the author supports the benefits of shiatsu and positive thinking with a case study of a client predisposed to being negative about himself, his health and life in ...

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