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Françoise Barbira Freedman PhD has developed two parallel careers as a Medical Anthropologist (University of Cambridge) and an empirical midwife trained in Peruvian Amazonia where she has done extensive fieldwork among rainforest people.

This has resulted in the creation of Birthlight, a UK registered charity dedicated to promote the greater enjoyment of pregnancy, birth and babies. As a committed practitioner of yoga and a yoga therapist and trainer with the Yoga Biomedical Trust, Françoise has created original Birthlight yoga courses for health professionals, childbirth educators, yoga teachers and swimming teachers. She has authored nine books for Birthlight, some of which have been translated in several languages. Françoise is a mother of four and her children have been her inspiration to help other women make a joyful transition to motherhood. Francoise may be contacted via francoise@birthlight.com   www.birthlight.com

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