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Ellena Fries, an experienced Biodynamic Body Psychotherapist, trained with the Gerda Boyesen Institute and ESBPE (European School for Biodynamic Psychology) for five years in Biodynamic Psychology, Body Psychotherapy and Massage. She is also a certificated practitioner for Boyesen's Deep Draining, as well as a Yoga teacher and Reiki Master. Ellena worked with individuals and groups in her own clinic in Cologne, Germany for ten years, before she moved to Cornwall in 2003, where she now lives and works in and near Penzance as a member of the local Complementary Health Initiative (CHI). Ellena offers sessions for individuals and couples and she facilitates groups for body psychotherapy and/or biodynamic massage. Her work is based on the ethical guidelines and training standards of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP). In the Southwest, Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy is not very well known yet. In Penzance Ellena is currently running the very first biodynamic therapy group in Cornwall. Ellena may be contacted: Mob: 07900 324079; info@ellenafires For information on training view http://ellenafries.com

Articles by Ellena Fries

  1. Biodynamic Psychology: Healing Through the Body's Wisdom

    Listed in bodywork

    The author discusses the origin and concept behind Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy & Massage, developed by the late Gerda Boyesen (1922-2005), how it works, the techniques used a...

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