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Classical singer Ella discovered the Tomatis Listening Therapy in pursuit of an ever more perfect vocal production. The consequences that followed from undertaking the therapy were so profound and life-changing that she trained as a Tomatis consultant and now runs the Listening Centre in London. Her centre has now been open for eight years and she has seen the daily results of the therapy changing lives. Her particular interest is in bringing people into contact with their true potential and opening avenues of expression that they did not previously believe possible. Ella is a regular speaker on the subject, is a respected consultant within the European Tomatis network and in 2009 has been invited to hold a week long seminar at the University of Madrid. She may be contacted at The Listening (Voice, Music and Language) Centre, London via Tel: 0207 359 5268; www.tuneyourears.com

Articles by Ella Williams

  1. Tomatis Listening Therapy – Your Voice is a Barometer of Your Health

    Listed in sound and music

    Listening therapy works on the premise that effective listening - external, internal and vestibular - naturally leads to effective communication and that, except for pathological a...

  2. Case Study Issue 86: Tomatis Listening Therapy

    Listed in sound and music

    Ella Williams, Director of the Listening (Voice, Music and Language) Centre in London, describes the results of using Tomatis Listening Therapy (previously described in detail in Is...

  3. Tomatis Therapy for Children with Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Speech Delay and ADHD

    Listed in sound and music

    This article focuses on the application of Tomatis Therapy on children with learning difficulties, following on from the author two previous articles in PH which provided a general ...

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