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Elizabeth Kaye qualified as a homeopath in 1998 and works in London, both in private practice and as part of a team delivering low-cost complementary therapies through a publicly funded agency. She can be contacted on elizabethkaye@hotmail.co.uk

Articles by Elizabeth Kaye

  1. Homeopathy and the City

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    This article focuses on homeopathy, and its low cost delivery as a complementary therapy to people in public housing through a publicly-funded agency. The author presents the case o...

  2. Homeopathy and the City II: The Poison Nut

    Listed in homeopathy

    Another installment of a hilarious take on Sex and the City, the cult classic television show.

  3. Homeopathy and the City: Class Warfare

    Listed in homeopathy

    This article discusses Lycopodium clavatum, a remedy made from club moss and the makeup of a Lycopodium patient in relation to a student presentation of a case.

  4. Homeopathy and the City: Looking for Clues

    Listed in homeopathy

    This article, the fourth of an occasional series Homeopathy and the City focuses on the power of the subconscious and the challenge of staying objective.

  5. Homeopathy and the City: Biological Welfare

    Listed in homeopathy

    This article focuses on the powerful therapeutic effect of the homeopathic remedy anthrax as a talisman for the many professionals working in the city who have been seriously affect...

  6. Homeopathy and the City: Dirty Bargains

    Listed in homeopathy

    One of the major areas of enquiry in homeopathic case-taking is generally the patient family medical history, and, not surprisingly, the acknowledgement of the relevance of inherite...

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