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Elisabeth Bindschaedler is a Registered Pharmacist and Health Practitioner who also works as a Consultant for Phylak Laboratories and lectures on Spagyric Medicine. She may be contacted directly in Geneva via ebindschaedler@sunrise.ch. Jean Simon qualified as a Holistic Therapist in 2002 and began her own practice in 2003. She is a Skin Specialist and carries out most types of massages (face and body massage, Thai Yoga, Indian Head, Reflexology and No Hands), using her natural gift of healing. She teaches Facial Healing and Restoration (a natural facelift) and Indian Champissage. All consultations are free; Jean also administers inner and outer nutritional products, Spagyric being a main medium. She may be contacted via Tel: 020-7461 0339/07932 771 424; jean@amanholistictherapy.co.uk; www.spagyricmedicine.com

Articles by Elisabeth Bindschaedler

  1. Spagyric Medicine - An Original Way of Healing with Plants

    Listed in homeopathy

    This article focuses on Spagyric medicine, a traditional way of healing with energetic medicines derived from herbs that also work hand-in-hand with all therapies aimed at global he...

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