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Dr Ye comes from a family with a 400-year healing tradition. He was associate professor at Xingnang Shi He Zi University, China, before founding spinal reflexology and the fractal needle. He has practised his medical techniques in Arizona, USA, Totnes in Devon, London, Scotland, and now at The Water's Edge Natural Health Centre in New Brighton, Merseyside. He can be reached at drye@hotmail.com Zoƫ Desmond has been involved with natural health for a number of years. She is an I Ching and Feng Shui consultant, and practises fractal needle acupuncture and spinal reflexology. She is writing with Dr Ye on topics related to the Chinese arts of I Ching, Feng Shui and Tai Chi, with the aim of preserving and promoting ancient Chinese healing practices and traditions, and modifying them for the Western mindset. She can be reached on tel: 0151 639 0989.

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    If ever there is something wrong with my dog that does not require urgent veterinary attention, I always opt for complementary treatment.

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