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About the Author Dr Yubraj Sharma MBBS, MRCP,Dip Ac, MFHom is a medically qualified homoeopathic doctor, practising privately in Wembley, London. He has worked at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital and runs some clinics on the NHS. He teaches a four your course leading to a diploma qualification in homoeopathy and spiritual medicine, and also teaches meditation and healing techniques. His recent book, entitled Homoeopathy of the Solar System: Mercury concerns the integration of astronomy, astrology, mythology and culture with the known toxicological and medicinal properties of the metal mercury, both in material and homoeopathic doses. He is working on a new materia medica to lead homoeopathy into a new integration with western medicine, the systems of Chinese and Anthroposophical medicine and in light of modern diseases. He can be contacted on yubraj@world-of-light.com  www.shamanic-homoeopathy.com

Articles by Dr Yubraj Sharma

  1. Vaccination Controversy: Safety and Side Effects

    Listed in vaccination

    Dr Sharma, a medically qualified homeopathic doctor, addresses the argument, supported by a growing body of evidence, that vaccines are unsafe and ineffective. There is no evidence ...

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