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Dr Toff (Christopher) Freeland BA PhD, born, bred and schooled in England, was educated elsewhere. He spent three years as a British army officer with the Gurkhas in the late 60s, photographic safari guide in Africa, dashnami sannyasin (orthodox Hindu monk) for four years, Arab horse-trainer, model, English teacher and university professor, hotel director, translator from Sanskrit and French. Linguist (BA and PhD in linguistics), with three best-seller dictionaries to his name. His work as an independent researcher into natural laws is all about harmony. If, as seems to be the case, life energy is an extension of Consciousness, there is every reason to believe that the feeling most of us have of unity or love is due to our being a part of the totality, quite inseparable from it.  As a Hindu monk he translated the Yoga Vasishta Ramayana with his preceptor and compiled a Sanskrit-English Philosophical Wordlist, both available from the author. He recently published The Way of the Skeptic on leaving a teaching position at Mahachulalongkorn University in Chiang Mai where he taught diverse subjects on the international Buddhist monk programme. Dr Freeland is a student of TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine], radiesthesist, alternative energy researcher and instructor of Realaxation® and inventor of practical devices (FDV®, Vitalizer, Alkalizer, etc.). He may be contacted via toff@neterenergies.com     thaitoff@gmail.com    https://www.neterenergies.com/

Articles by Dr Toff (Christopher) Freeland

  1. Mistaken Identity - the Consciously Intuitive Heart and Reasoning Faculty of the Brain

    Listed in mind matters

    Humans like nothing better than a neat summary of ‘what’s going on’. This has become part of our modern empirical paradigm and it consolidates nicely the materialistic standpoint. T...

  2. Realaxation® - Method Created by Leon Eeman, Revisited

    Listed in stress

    We often hear people saying “Just relax!” Quite right! Of course you know that you should relax, but has anyone ever told you how to do so, or even why? Probably not!

Book reviews by Dr Toff (Christopher) Freeland

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