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Drs Natalia and Sergei Lapa, founder members of the Buteyko Health Campaign, have been working with the Buteyko Method since 1985. They were trained by, and worked with, Professor Buteyko in Novosibirsk from 1985 to 1993. As well as being qualified Buteyko Practitioners they are both qualified medical doctors. During this time they have treated thousands of adults and children with asthma and other health problems. Dr Natalia Lapa has conducted a medical Buteyko trial with 100 child asthmatics in one of the leading Children's Hospitals in Novosibirsk. The results were astonishing: after one month all children were drug free, even though all of them had been taking steroids and broncho- dilators. They all started to do physical exercise and some of them later became very good athletes. All breathing and blood tests, including tests for the immune system came back to normal after three months of the Buteyko breathing.

Articles by Dr Natalia and Dr Sergei Lapa

  1. The Importance of Breathing

    Listed in asthma

    Breathing is one of the most important and most instant of all the vital functions of the body and yet the understanding of it, let alone the correction and therapeutic use of it, i...

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