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Moira Williams, born in Bristol, qualified in Medicine in 1986 from Birmingham and then worked in Community Paediatrics and Haematology in Bangor, North Wales. She met and married the Managing Director of Eladon Ltd after establishing their mutual interest in alternative health and in particular in herbal plants. Their interest in Eleutherococcus has taken them to Russia on a number of occasions to meet cosmonauts, physicians and scientists who specialize in Eleutherococcus, and has led to research projects notably with sufferers of the Herpes simplex viruses and with athletes. They have four children.

Articles by Dr Moira Williams

  1. Adaptogen - Eleutherococcus Senticosus Maxim Shrub

    Listed in herbal medicine

    Studies conducted in Russia thirty years ago revealed that Eleutherococcus was able to help the body immune system to defend itself against respiratory tract infections, viruses and...

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