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Dr Keith Hearne (BSc MSc PhD) is an internationally known psychologist who conducted the world's first research into 'lucid' dreams for his PhD and invented the 'dream machine'. He has published many scientific papers and articles and is the Principal of both the College of Past Life Regression Studies (Tel: 0181 372 3124) and the European College of Hypnotherapy (Tel: 0956 825503 or 07071 228497). He is the author of several books, including The Dream Machine and Visions of the Future. Recently he has co-authored, with David Melbourne, Dream Interpretation – the Secret and The Dream Oracle. http://ourworld.compuserve.com/ homepages/dreamthemes

Articles by Dr Keith Hearne

  1. The Concept of the Virtual Self

    Listed in mind matters

    Dr Hearne has developed the concept of the Virtual Self – a psychological self-image that includes present, childhood and seeming past life information.

  2. Lucid Dreams

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    A lucid dream is one in which you suddenly become perfectly aware – while still asleep and dreaming – that you are actually dreaming. Recounting some of his own resear...

Book reviews by Dr Keith Hearne

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