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Prof David Peters is Chair of the British Holistic Medical Association (BHMA.org), an open association for everyone concerned to develop medicine as if people matter. David is the Clinical Director and Professor of Integrated Healthcare at the University of Westminster (U of W), is on the Board of Directors of the U of W Institute of Health and Wellbeing, a transdisciplinary research and training group exploring biopsychosocial approaches to health creation and treatment. He may be contacted via petersd@westminster.ac.uk

Articles by Dr David Peters

  1. The Challenge of Working and Learning Together

    Listed in complementary medicine

    Complementary medicine is a relative newcomer to the NHS. CM works better for some problems (and for certain kinds of people) than it does for others and is most effective in the ha...

  2. Healing Research

    Listed in healing

    At a recent colloquium organised by the National Federation of Spiritual Healers regarding research into spiritual healing, I was asked to summarise the themes emerging through the ...

  3. A University Polyclinic at Westminster

    Listed in complementary medicine

    On 14 May HRH the Prince of Wales opened the University of Westminster new clinic of complementary therapies. Acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, therapeutic bodywork, herbal med...

  4. Why Research?

    Listed in complementary medicine

    As we enter this hazardous age of Integration (with a capital I) there is a great deal of ambivalence about what it might imply. We may be less alternative than we were, but wisely ...

  5. We have to educate to integrate

    Listed in complementary medicine

    Integration is the new buzz-word: the argument being that non-conventional therapies are here to stay, so why not put them to work in the mainstream?

  6. Healing Spaces - The Importance of Architecture in Healthcare

    Listed in environmental

    If we are ill, we know intuitively that a building can affect how we feel - and how well the practitioners around us do their work. But how might the built environment boost or unde...

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