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Dennis R. Wier is a computer consultant and a long-term meditator (since 1965) who lives in Switzerland with his wife Doris. His comments are the result of his personal realizations and investigations. He may be contacted by snailmail at The Trance Institute; Sunnehaldenstrasse 7; CH-8311 Bruetten, Switzerland, or by email at drwier@trance.edu. For more detailed information on trance theory and trance engineering, order the book TRANCE: from magic to technology from Trans Media or take a course at the Trance Institute. His web site is at www.trance.ch.

Articles by Dennis R Wier

  1. A Gentle Introduction to Trance Theory

    Listed in hypnosis

    Most of you have an idea as to what a trance is. But, that idea is probably different than the idea you will learn here.

  2. Trance: the practice and the pitfalls

    Listed in hypnosis

    Powerful yogic trance states are often created by the long term practice of meditation. When the mind is temporarily anchored in trance, a yogi may become sensitive to subtle influ...

Book reviews by Dennis R Wier

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