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Delcia McNeil UKCP Registered Psychotherapist; Registered Healer has 30 years experience working with the public in a variety of settings, including social work. She is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and a Registered Healer. She is a teacher and trainer, and co-founded the Rowan School Network – promoting healing and personal growth. She published Bodywork Therapies for Women in 2000 and has produced a CD entitled Opening to Self Healing. She is also a practising artist. She may be contacted via Tel: 015395 62420; delcia@themcneilpartnership.com ; www.themcneilpartnership.com  The author's image gallery may also be viewed at www.ajcanvasprints.co.uk  www.art-in-interiors.co.uk  www.silverdalearttrail.co.uk 

Articles by Delcia McNeil

  1. Dynamic Healing - Working at the Interface of Subtle Energy Healing and Psychotherapy

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    In this article the author focuses on hands-on energy healing and psychotherapy, specifically Dynamic Healing, a method she developed for working with individual clients as well as ...

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