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David Lorimer MA PGCE FRSA is a writer, lecturer and editor who is Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network. He is the author and editor of a number of books on science and spirituality. His book about the ideas and work of the Prince of Wales, Radical Prince, was published in November 2003. He is Vice-President of the Swedenborg Society and the Horizon Foundation (The International Association for Near-Death Studies UK). He is Chair of Wrekin Trust, and of the All Hallows House Foundation, concerned with holistic health. David may be contacted via dl@scimednet.org   https://explore.scimednet.org/index.php/board/

Articles by David Lorimer

  1. Healing our Lives and Shattered Environment: The Practical Vision of HRH the Prince of Wales

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    The Prince of Wales believes that healing the soul and listening to the intuitive voice of wisdom is the prerequisite to a wider healing of divisions and collateral damage brought a...

  2. The Galileo Commission: Scientism and Impossible Facts

    Listed in evidence

    In a letter to Kepler, Galileo wrote: “Here at Padua is the principal professor of philosophy, whom I have repeatedly and urgently requested to look at the moon and the planets thro...

Book reviews by David Lorimer

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