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David Larson is the President of Results RNA. David Larson and his father Brian Larson BESEE MBA have made it a personal mission to create superior health formulations that significantly improve and support people’s health at any age; boosting immunity, providing more energy and endurance, improving sleep, and promoting a more active, fulfilling lifestyle. Fueled by their desire, the two research scientists invested countless time and hours to reach the culmination of this dream. Together, they founded Results RNA in 2006, a biomedical research firm headquartered in Utah. With decades and multi millions invested in research and development, Results RNA has achieved monumental scientific breakthroughs with the advent of intra-oral spray technology. Forward thinking teams of research scientists, medical professionals, educators and marketing experts have been on a mission for the last 20 years to save and improve lives through groundbreaking biologics. This is the new science of health. David may be contacted via david.larson@resultsrna.com   www.resultsrna.com

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  1. The Detoxification Answer - Toxicity as a Clinical Diagnosis

    Listed in detoxification

    The benefits of our modern way of life are many, but they come with a price; the damaging pollution of our planet with its severe impact on our health. The silent killers of the 21s...

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