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David Gavriel, Expert Personologist, was certified and specialized at the International Center of Personology in San - Francisco, California, USA. David pioneered the method of Personology in Israel and has since established himself as a senior lecturer in Personology, body language, facial expressions, and voice recognition. David has developed a unique theory which divided the method to 6 categories. David lectures throughout the world for education and academics, government agencies, high-tech companies, communication groups and others.

David also provides personal counselling at job interviews, human resources, communications and personal  image, business consulting, couples and individuals to improve relationships for parents and children with learning disabilities and behaviour, and helps at criminology field - the rehabilitation of prisoners and more. David Gavriel, has Exclusive right from the International Center of Personology, to teach, train and to qualify new Personologists and may be contacted on Tel: 00972 5284 31444; davidg980@gmail.com    www.face2face.co.il

Articles by David Gavriel

  1. Personology - Connections between Physical Structure and Personality

    Listed in mind matters

    Personology is the knowledge of the personality or character of man. It is both an ancient and modern method dealing with interpersonal communication, and is based on scientific emp...

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