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Daniel Browne has studied personal development and coaching and worked with personal development companies and people grow and accomplish what’s important to them. He started off life as an investment banker helping to fund businesses and shape strategy. What he has always loved was working with and meeting CEOs and owners of these businesses and helping them achieve their growth ambitions. He realized about banking and finance is that there was not enough human connection - more talk about cutting costs (people) and synergies (more layoffs) than creating powerful corporate cultures and creating prosperity for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. So he packed all his business consulting knowledge and coaching training together and started using it to help businesses and individuals go beyond where they are now. He is the author of The Energy Equation, available on Amazon www.amazon.co.uk/The-Energy-Equation-Performer-Yourself/dp/0273776010 . Daniel may be contacted on Tel: 0207 193 6035;  info@energyequationbook.com

Articles by Daniel Browne

  1. The Energy Equation: Better Work Performance

    Listed in stress

    Stress is an increasing problem in our society. A third (32%) of UK companies said that employees often experience excessive pressure in their job and well over half of UK organisat...

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