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Corinne Sweet AHPP  is a member of AHPP (Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners), is supervised by Spectrum Therapy where she trained extensively in ‘Humanistic Psychology’, including in Formative Psychology and Gestalt. She has a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) from the Centre for Stress Management, and a Diploma in Psychology from the MSc course in ‘Human Development’ ( Jungian Psychology) from Birkbeck College, University of London. Corinne trained as a Holistic Life Coach with ‘Coaching by De’Sign’. She is particularly interested in working on addiction, abuse, stress, parenting, self-esteem, money issues, performance stress and writer’s block.  

Corinne Sweet appears regularly on TV and Radio as a Psychologist Spokesperson and may be contacted via Tel: 07973 219673; corinne@corinnesweet.com   www.corinnesweet.com

Articles by Corinne Sweet

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    WhiteWall.com, the online photo lab, has partnered with celebrity psychologist Corinne Sweet (author of the best-selling Mindfulness Journal) to research the negative impact social ...

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