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Clayton John Ainger plays many roles in his life, the most important to him being a daddy and husband. Clayton is a very passionate individual -  about loving life and enjoying every aspect of it. His ethos in life is about making every person matter every time. This is why he is so passionate about people and helping them to embrace their individuality, and understand the power of doing what comes naturally and discover what truly makes their hearts sing!

Clayton and his wife Lindsay run a successful training and consultancy business, working with people all over the world, from different walks of life. From once being a tax specialist, Clayton is now a sought-after consultant and speaker on “Why people don’t do better, when they know better.” Clayton loves to be different, to challenge the status quo, and inspire the people and companies he works with to explore new ways of thinking, attitudes and behaviours, transforming lives and results for the long term. Clayton may be contacted on Tel: 0844 740 1278;  clayton@sareosconsulting.co.uk   www.sareosconsulting.co.uk/speakers/clayton-ainger/

Articles by Clayton John Ainger

  1. ‘Decoding the Past’ - Understand the Truth behind Negativity

    Listed in psychospiritual

    All of us have experienced negativity at some point in our lives, and most of us will experience some form of negativity on a regular basis. It’s often an unpleasant experience, bu...

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