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Christopher Babayode is a flight attendant, nutritional therapist and frequent flier. Having flown for over 16 years for a major UK airline on long and short haul fleets, he possesses knowledge, experience, expertise and insight. As a nutritional therapist who can count cabin crew as private clients he has dealt with frequent flying, jet lag and its consequences at their most brutal. As a therapist running a private jet lag clinic Chris has seen first-hand the impact frequent flying has on business travellers’ health and productivity. As an entrepreneur himself Chris has experienced the toll of jet lag before creating the PHARE Well System of jet lag elimination and prevention.

As a Co-Founder at Global Business Travel Wellness Advisors (GBTWA) Chris is passionate about changing the way people fly by educating the traveling public on how to travel well and healthily, long term. Chris’s present and past contributions to the ongoing conversation about healthy flying include blogs articles and video content on Youtube, SlideShare, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can connect with him and his content at @thejetspert on Twitter, Friends of a Jet Lag Free World on Facebook and as an expert author for EzineArticles.com under the Business Travel section. Christopher may be contacted via christopher@nojetstress.com

Articles by Christopher Babayode

  1. Learn How to Overcome the Health Challenges Facing Frequent Flyers

    Listed in retreats and travel

    According to the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) business travel is a trillion-dollar industry.[1] It’s foot soldiers, the frequent flyers who pay a high price in terms of...

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