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Chris Lovelidge learned his research and investigation skills during the 35 years he was an insurance claims investigator.  The reason for his interest in Subtle Energies come from the Near Death Experience he had in 1975, it frightened the life out him - (joke). Chris decided then and there he needed to know just exactly what happened to him, how and why. He visited many places and met many amazing people over the years but much of his information came through the International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS). He was able to discover what happened and why, at least to his satisfaction and from that he turned to research into Subtle Energies because he believes they are intimately connected with the NDE, OOBE and other transcendental experiences. Chris may be contacted via biofields@yahoo.ca    www.subtleenergysystems.biz

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  1. Subtle Energy Fields

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    My personal journey of discovery into the mysteries of Subtle Energy Fields (SEF) began in 1975 when I had a Near Death Experience (NDE); it frightened the life out of me. At that t...

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