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Children's Health Defense is an American 501c3 nonprofit advocacy organization[1] founded and chaired by Robert F. Kennedy Jr[2], known for its anti-vaccine activism. Established under the name World Mercury Project in 2016,[3] it has been campaigning against various public health programs, such as vaccination and fluoridation of drinking water. The group has been contributing to vaccine hesitancy in the United States, encouraging citizens and legislators to support anti-vaccine regulations and legislation[4][5][6][7] despite the overwhelming evidence that vaccines are safe and effective.[6][8][9][10]   https://childrenshealthdefense.org/

Articles by Children's Health Defense

  1. Natural Measles Immunity – Better Protection and More Long-Term Benefits than Vaccines

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    Stories about vaccines in the popular press tend to be unabashedly one-sided, generally portraying vaccination as a universal (and essential) “good” with virtually no down side. Thi...

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