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Charlotte Bech MD is an allopathic medical doctor from Copenhagen Denmark. She graduated from medical school at Copenhagen University and For several years has been teaching at a medical school in Copenhagen. She worked as a surgeon in Gentofte Amtssygehus in gastrointestinal surgery and worked as a medical doctor in the area of hematology at the most renowned referral hospital in Denmark (Rigshospitalet). She went through all the medical exams and board exams for the USA, and worked in the field of internal medicine/obstetrics in Tennessee, USA.

Since 2001, Dr Bech has been running a private clinic in Copenhagen Denmark, where supplementing modern medicine with those treatment modalities that have been documented, such as diet, exercise, lifestyle, meditation, yoga and the tradition of yoga - which has a vast knowledge of health promotion and prevention of disease. She is the author of several books on health and a columnist with a weekly column. Since 2012, Dr Bech been teaching courses, mainly training other medical doctors how to supplement their standard care clinical practice with natural approaches, and also online courses for patients on how you get peace of mind and improve your health. She may be contacted via  cb@ceba.dk   www.charlottebech.dk

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    If you suspect you have anaemia, go to the mirror and pull every so carefully, slightly and gently down in one of your lower eye lids. Then look at the mucous membrane at the lower ...

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