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Carole Spiers FISMA FPSA MIHPE is the CEO of a leading UK stress management and wellbeing consultancy. She is a BBC Guest-broadcaster and author of Show Stress Who’s Boss!

Carole is an international Motivational Speaker and is regularly called upon by the national press and media for comment. She is Chair of the International Stress Management Association [UK], founder of Stress Awareness Day, Fellow and Past President of the Professional Speaking Association, London. Carole may be contacted on Tel: 020 8954 1593;  info@carolespiersgroup.co.uk;   www.carolespiersgroup.co.uk

Articles by Carole Spiers

  1. Stress at Work – Myths, Signs, Causes, Effects and Tips to Beat

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    Many people experience stress at some point in their lives. Stress is like a light switch; your mind turns it on automatically but you need to learn how to turn it off.

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