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Brian Wright, together with his wife Celia, founded their first nutrition company ‘Green Farm’ in 1979. With degrees in Psychology, their first interest was in nutrition for psychological health. As pioneers of nutrition they had a wide influence on education and practice of nutritional principles. Later they undertook clinical trials with a full professional medical and pharmaceutical team, and this experience led them to achieve the highest standards in developing nutritional products in Higher Nature. Following the death of Celia in February 2009, the company continues with the same inspiration, principles and dedication to health. Higher Nature continues to gain recognition for outstanding quality, innovation, efficacy and integrity of its products, service and standards. Brian may be contacted via www.highernature.co.uk

Articles by Brian Wright

  1. Cycles of Disease and Health

    Listed in colon health

    This article is taken from a book-in-progress which describes the fundamental factors in virtually all disease as a negative cycle, and shows clearly how they can be reversed by com...

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