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Brian Mayne is an inspirational speaker, author and facilitator working in the world of self-development. Growing up on the fairgrounds Brian left school at 14 unable to read and write properly. He achieved a millionaire lifestyle by his early 20s then lost his wife, home, business and was a million pounds in debt by age 29. This was the beginning of learning and applying the principles of success. Brian taught himself to read and write and is the co-author of Life Mapping with his partner Sangeeta Mayne, and Sam the Magic Genie, a charming story inspiring children and adults around the world. Brian developed the Life Mapping and Goal Mapping techniques and makes these high level skills available to Corporations and within education, inspiring young people to fulfil their true potential. Brian is happily married with a daughter (Shanti) and lives in Hampshire. He can be contacted on Tel: 01264 782543; Brian@liftinternational.com www.liftinternational.com

Articles by Brian Mayne

  1. Life Mapping: Being Your Best

    Listed in mind matters

    The author sums up life mapping in the phrase - it enables you to be at your best and, when you feel your best, you naturally produce your best results. He sees three stages to the...

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