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Bel Spencer BA Phil Lit  MSTAT  TFT  CERT SPI is a qualified Spinal Touch practitioner and teacher of the Alexander Technique with over ten years’ experience as a holistic practitioner, specializing in spinal alignment, mobility, posture and back pain. She teaches Alexander Technique and its applications to performance at the University of Wales. Bel trained as a Spinal Touch practitioner with Lightouch therapy with Susanna Terry, a further three years at the Bristol Alexander Technique training school (graduating in 2005), then did postgraduate work at the Fellside school in Kendal.  She also studied the Qi Gong (Taijiwuxigong) exercise system with Dr Shen Hongxun at Shen Hongxun College (Belgium/ UK). Bel has worked with inspiring teachers including Rosa Louisa Rosi from Switzerland, Lucia and Elizabeth Walker from Oxford and Kathy Madden from the USA and continues to update her training. Bel may be contacted via Mob: 07942 816 502;  spencer.bel@googlemail.com  www.healthyspineuk.com/bel-spencer/

Articles by Bel Spencer

  1. The Spinal Touch Treatment

    Listed in back pain

    Spinal Touch is a therapy which works on the soft tissue and can help to undo tensions and postural distortions and assist in restoring alignment and restores the balance of the ce...

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