About Barry Mapp

Barry Mapp is a freelance trainer, learning coach and management consultant. He is a licensed Buzan Trainer and a member of the Registry of Accelerated Trainers. You can contact him on 01299 877201 or (mobile) 0973 491956.

Articles by Barry Mapp

  1. Cultivating the Mind for Positive Health

    Listed in mind matters

    We are encouraged to exercise our physical body in order to maintain good health: To use it or lose it. The current focus of this good sense is on our body and the heart. The same m...

  2. Mind Mapping for Positive Health

    Listed in mind matters

    Mind Mapping was devised as a memory tool by Tony Buzan in the 70s and since that time, it has evolved considerably and its applications have extended substantially. A Mind Map® ...

Book reviews by Barry Mapp

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