About Amanda Jackson-Russell, Ph.D.

Amanda Jackson-Russell has a BSc Hons degree in Physiology and a Ph.D. in Neuro- pharmacology. She also holds a teacher's diploma from the British Wheel of Yoga. Amanda practices spiritual healing at the Esher NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) Centre in Surrey, and works as a freelance Medical Writer and Editor in both orthodox and complementary medicine. She is the author of What is the Alternative? Puncturing the Myths of Complementary Medicines, published by South Street Press (Garnet Publishing Ltd), 1999. She can be contacted on Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1372 279841.

Articles by Amanda Jackson-Russell, Ph.D.

  1. Olive Leaf Extract

    Listed in herbal medicine

    Nature multi-functional force against infections and cardiovascular disease?

  2. A Synthesis of Healing Therapies

    Listed in healing

    In this article Dr Jackson-Russell reviews the burgeoning array of alternative and complementary therapies that are available today.

Book reviews by Amanda Jackson-Russell, Ph.D.

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