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  1. Probiotics - What they are and what they do

    by Roy Fuller, Ph.D.

    The term "probiotic" covers microbial food supplements whose primary aim is to improve the health and well being of the consumer.

  2. Probiotics and Sleep Support

    by Mark Brudnak PhD ND

    Sleep disorders are a major public health concern in the world, affecting millions of individuals and contributing to a wide range of health problems. Sleep is crucial for physical ...

  3. Probiotics and the Immune System

    by Mark Brudnak PhD ND

    Probiotics are live microorganisms that confer health benefits when consumed in adequate amounts. They are found in various foods and dietary supplements, including yogurt, kefir, a...

  4. Probiotics:The missing link between health and disease

    by Lennart Cedgard, MD

    Intestinal dysbiosis – unbalanced intestinal bacterial flora – may be the link between food and lifestyle and its impact upon health and disease.

  5. Reliable Testing for Candida Overgrowth

    by Victoria Tyler

    Candida is a type of yeast that if found in large quantities in the gastrointestinal tract can lead to a combination of symptoms including fatigue, brain fog, bloating constipation...

  6. Requirements for Proper Absorption

    by Dr DF Smallbone

    Although the gastro-intestinal tract is not the only way that materials have of entering our body, it is the most usual and direct route for our nutritional requirements to be sati...

  7. Seaweed in Colon Health and Nutrition

    by Simon Ranger

    Seaweeds, or 'kelps' as the wild brown algae are sometimes called, are known to assist the acid-alkaline balance,[1] have a prebiotic effect on the gut flora,[2] help protect the gu...

  8. Sublingual Absorption

    by Leilani Lea

    Sublingual, meaning literally 'under the tongue' refers to a method of administering substances via the mouth in such a way that the substances are rapidly absorbed via the blood v...

  9. Surviving Candida - A Patient's Perspective

    by Rebecca Richardson

    Candida is now becoming a more recognized complaint, although it is still difficult to obtain this diagnosis from a GP, even though Coeliac Disease and gradually ME are recognized i...

  10. That Bloated Feeling...

    by Penny Crowther

    A common cause of abdominal bloating is too many unfriendly bacteria in the gut, leading to a build-up of toxins, Gut flora imbalance can be influenced by stress, smoking, poor die...

  11. The Enteric Nervous System

    by June Butlin

    Part of my responsibility as a nutritionist is to keep updated with research, to furnish me with the knowledge and understanding that I need to help my clients achieve their health...

  12. The Evidence for Probiotics

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    The study and therapeutic use of various beneficial bacteria for health purposes for humans and animals is termed Probiotics, literally "for life". We provide a home for these be...

  13. The Gut Feeling – Significance of Good Gut Health

    by Jonjo Hancock-Fell

    We all know that feeling when we "gut" something out. Whether on the verge of making a difficult decision or undertaking a challenging physical feat, our guts can often be our most ...

  14. The Health Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

    by Cathy Robinson

    In this article we’ll look at the procedure of colonic irrigation, what it involves and who can benefit from a treatment. Our digestive system is connected to every other system of ...

  15. The Liver / Gall Bladder Flush

    by Araura Berkeley

    The liver is truly an amazing organ of our body and as such is able to completely regenerate itself, given the chance. It [the liver]has even been known, with some people that have...

  16. The Role of the Gut in Psychology

    by June Butlin

    This article explores the link between illnesses such as autism, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder and gut disorders.

  17. The Ultimate Gluten Free Guide

    by MOMA Foods

    In this health-conscious society, an ever-increasing number of people are discovering that they are gluten intolerant. Yet with research predicting that only a mere 24% of people ar...

  18. The Yeast - Irritable Bowel Syndrome Connection

    by Christine Fadhley

    Over a decade ago, just after I had trained as an acupuncturist, I learned about such yeasts the 'hard way'. The right - or possibly I should say the wrong set of circumstances cam...

  19. Treat IBS, Bloating and Other Digestive Issues in a Natural Way

    by Master Oh

    We’ve all experienced the feeling of discomfort when our digestive tract is giving us trouble. You may suffer from bloating, food intolerances, or other digestive issues such as co...

  20. Treating Candida with Grapefruit Seed Extract

    by Allan Sachs

    Many holistic physicians, myself included, consider Candida albicans one of the greatest health challenges to people of the industrialized nations. With the help of Grapefruit See...

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