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  1. The BodyTalk System - The Body's Innate Wisdom

    by Sally Kingsley

    The author explains the workings of this comprehensive and dynamically designed system of energy medicine, which is constantly evolving. Adding that it is very much a system of p...

  2. The Victim Body

    by Edwin Alan Salter

    An old joke recounts a drunk searching within the light of a street lamp for his keys, more probably dropped some distance away in complete darkness. His effort mixes the plausible ...

  3. Working as a Doctor and as a Healer

    by Dr Daniel Benor

    Doctor and healer, Daniel Benor tells the story of his path from sceptical orthodox medicine to becoming a practitioner of spiritual healing.

  4. Your Life, Your Mirror

    by Natalie Fee

    This article focuses on how our life is reflected back to us. To begin with, the author introduces an interesting perspective on alchemy, defining lead as negative, repetitive thou...

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