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  1. The Effects of a Virus upon Allergic Conditions

    by Jennifer Worth

    This is Jennifer Worth's personal account of the course she took to get to the root of her debilitating viral condition, which started with a cold that developed into bronchitis. A...

  2. The Repercussions of Allergies

    by June Butlin

    An allergy is caused by the body's adverse reaction to normal stimuli such as foods, chemicals, animals, clothing, pollen and dust. The effects of an allergy can be obvious, whereb...

  3. Total Body Modification for the Treatment of Allergies

    by Sabina Zielinska

    Total Body Modification (TBM) provides a unique and extraordinary way to desensitize allergies which commonly gives a 95% improvement in symptoms.

  4. What is an Allergy?

    by Dr DF Smallbone

    First things first: let's be clear about what food intolerance is, or rather, what it is not. It is not food allergy (and it does no one any good to confuse the two conditions).

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