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  1. Hypnosis: Focused Healing – Thinkwellness360

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    The quintessential discovery of hypnosis is attributed to Dr Franz Anton Mesmer MD, the ‘non-conformist’ 18th-century Viennese physician. Dr Mesmer, it is now evidenced, used a meth...

  2. A Gentle Introduction to Trance Theory

    by Dennis R Wier

    Most of you have an idea as to what a trance is. But, that idea is probably different than the idea you will learn here.

  3. Alchemical Hypnotherapy

    by Abhita Helena Foss

    Alchemical Hypnotherapy, an interactive trance process, has been developed over the past 20 years by Californian David Quigley and draws together the key elements of Gestalt sub-pe...

  4. Alchemical Hypnotherapy But what does it mean?

    by Andrew White

    There is impressive evidence of cures and remissions when people search for a meaning in their symptoms and assume a part of the unconscious mind creates their illness psychologica...

  5. Choosing a Good Hypnotherapy Training Course – No Walk in the Park

    by Kate McEwen

    I was lucky. I believe I could not have had a better training at that time, certainly in Scotland and probably most of the rest of the country. Indeed the course I undertook was dee...

  6. Clinical Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    by Michael Mahoney

    Research conducted over the last few years has shown hypnotherapy to be particularly effective in treating conditions of the digestive system such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)...

  7. Dream Busting for Children

    by Kimberly Willis PhD

    This article looks into the odd nightmare of a child that becomes more frequent and develops into a full-blown fear of sleep.

  8. Ericksonian Hypnotherapy - Legacy from a Genius

    by David Johnson

    This article pays tribute to the revolutionary thinking of Milton Erickson (1901-1980), which has transformed hypnotherapy practice today and has much to teach professionals from o...

  9. High Impact Hypnosis

    by Lawrence Leyton

    High impact hypnosis is a new form of hypnosis. It is self-administered and gives the patient total control of the healing process.The key objective is to take away any resistance ...

  10. How Hypnosis Helps With Stress in our Personal and Business Lives

    by John Butler

    Let’s look at how we usually experience stress. We have information, in various forms. These include our memories of what has happened to us in the past, our knowledge of what has h...

  11. How to Choose your Hypnotherapist

    by Kate McEwen

    Having trained in hypnotherapy in the 1990s I made the foolish mistake of assuming that everyone knew or knows what hypnotherapy is and what job the hypnotherapist does. I was bro...

  12. Hypnosis And Phobias

    by Kate McEwen

    A phobia is an ‘irrational’ fear. A person suffering from a phobia will experience an exaggerated fear response akin to a panic attack when confronted by a particular entity or situ...

  13. Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

    by Ivan Tyrrell

    Your own natural healing response is a rich system of mind-body communication which you can tap into during hypnosis while benefiting from therapeutic suggestions. That is why ther...

  14. Hypnosis in Musculoskeletal Medicine

    by Dr Peter Skew

    Usually lecturing or writing under this title I have to define and explain hypnosis, a daunting task under any circumstances.

  15. Hypnosis, Healing and Intuition

    by John Benest

    Your mind can help you recover from illness and bring about a state of wellbeing. Clinical Hypnosis will enable you to get in touch with the resources within the deeper part of you...

  16. Hypnosis: Symptomatic Trances of Everyday Life

    by Ivan Tyrrell

    A trance state is one in which our normal awareness of the outside world is reduced while our attention is focused on a particular idea, problem, fantasy or physical stimulus.

  17. Hypnotherapy and Efficacy - Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    by Kate McEwen

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome seems be related to, and/or exacerbated by, stress, tension and anxiety rather than resulting from some pathological disorder.

  18. Hypnotherapy for Health

    by Steve Nichols

    Erickson is my starting point in hypnotherapy, and a constant reference point as well, but I am not he, and have developed induction techniques and psychotherapeutic approaches tha...

  19. Hypnotherapy Intervention Format For Cancer Sufferers

    by Kate McEwen

    Hypnotherapy is a valuable intervention for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer. Not only can hypnosis be utilized to counteract the side effects of conventional treatm...

  20. Hypnotherapy with Children

    by Kate McEwen

    Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive therapy which is utilized to help bring about behavioural change in a gentle way using suggestion therapy and, where necessary, analysis. Some people ...

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