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  1. 6 Reasons Why Drug Use in Teens is Increasing

    by Lantana Recovery

    Teen drug abuse has been on the rise in the last decade. This is one of the most unfortunate and serious drug abuse problems and should be paid attention to more seriously. There ar...

  2. 8 Steps to Take When Considering Antidepressants

    by Michael Banov

    This article give a brief, focused list of things to do before deciding to take (or not to take) antidepressants. The author is a Harvard-trained, triple board-certified psychiatri...

  3. A Case Study on Anxious Depression

    by June Butlin

    Helen is a single parent of three children who works extremely hard to provide for her family. She was employed part time as a teacher, and although the money was limited, she mana...

  4. A New Star(t) - Journey to Mental Health with the Help of Rainbow Tai Chi

    by Sterre Overvest

    My name is Sterre Overvest, 27 years old and I am born and raised in Utrecht, Holland. Currently I am studying to become a Rainbow Tai Chi teacher. The Rainbow Tai Chi School is bas...

  5. Bipolar Disorder - My Personal Description

    by Robert D Dangoor

    In Professor Aaron Beck’s Forward to Professor Richard Bentall’s book Madness Explained, who teaches at Liverpool University, he states that “Incomprehensible symptoms of the mental...

  6. Can Depression Be Fatal and How Can It Be Cured?

    by Courtney Dawson

    Depression is more than just feeling sad. It's a serious health concern that can sometimes be life-threatening. The mood swings you get, or the constant feeling of sadness might tak...

  7. Clobbering The Symptom

    by Beata Bishop

    Beata Bishop takes a look at how people who suffer from depression are treated by doctors. She talks about the way in which few doctors attempt to uncover the cause of the problem ...

  8. Coping with Depression: Taking the First Steps Towards Healing

    by Jennifer McGregor

    There is a saying that depression is blind and unbiased. In other words, this chronic mental health condition doesn’t care who you are; it can strike at any moment, to anyone. This ...

  9. Defeating Teenage Depression - Getting There Together

    by Dr Roslyn Law

    Depression during adolescence is a significant public health issue, the impact of which is felt by young people and their families for months and sometimes years. It destabilizes l...

  10. Depressed? Your Dreams Can Help!

    by John Goldhammer

    Dream researcher John Goldhammer has discovered, from his 25 plus years of researching dreams and techniques of dream interpretations, that the majority of our dreams have a profou...

  11. Depression

    by Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

    My dictionary defines depression as: "an emotional state of mind characterised by feelings of gloom and inadequacy, leading to withdrawal." This is the usual description of a patho...

  12. Depression

    by June Butlin

    Depression is a growing health problem and one of the least understood diseases. It affects adults and children of all ages and can be very serious. Untreated depression may lead t...

  13. Depression - Promising Treatment Approaches

    by Jonathan Brown

    This article focuses on depression --- a debilitating mental illness where the affected person often develops an extremely negative outlook on life and sees no way out of the black...

  14. Depression - The Fast-Spreading Malady

    by Manisha Jain

    Depression, as the word itself suggests, is a low feeling, an experience of nothingness and low spirits. Depression is a growing health problem and one of the least understood disea...

  15. Depression has a Message

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    Common dictionary definitions of “depression” relative to health are exampled below: A pessimistic sense of sadness, gloom, inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity An...

  16. Escaping the Prison of Depression

    by Dorothy Rowe - Deceased

    Dorothy Rowe, researcher and prolific author about depression for 35 years, writes in her column that many people who are depressed present images of being trapped and alone when a...

  17. Fatigue Propelled Depression

    by Michael Levy

    In this column which focuses on depression caused by fatigue, the author discloses that latest US statistics declare one in ten teenagers suffer from major depressions and that man...

  18. Fears of Loneliness; How Reaching out can Help Mental Health

    by Christopher Paul Jones

    Loneliness is on the increase, and with the winter fast upon us, more and more of us (and not just the elderly) may be finding themselves caught in a world where they feel lost, al...

  19. Healing Your Moods Naturally

    by Brant Secunda and Mark Allen

    The authors, a shaman healer and the world champion Ironman, describe how necessary and beneficial it is for us to keep our connections to the natural world.

  20. How to Tackle Depression

    by BD Basu

    Some people always feel sad and try to remain aloof. Most of their time, they get influenced by negative thoughts. In the midst of any positive environment, they find nooks and see ...

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