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  1. 6 Podcasts For Parents Of Autistic Children You Should Listen To

    by Jenny Han

    Parenting is often a challenge, no matter what. If your child also has autism, that creates new challenges that make your role harder. You have a lot of unique issues and challenges...

  2. Bolles Sensory Learning Method

    by Mary Bolles

    The Bolles Sensory Learning Methodâ„¢ is an innovative non-cognitive approach to developmental learning that utilizes enhanced natural sensory stimulation for remediation of an indiv...

  3. Conductive Education, From Hungary with Love

    by Andrew Sutton

    The Parkinsons Disease Society surveyed its members on their use of complementary therapies and was surprised at the high positive response. Most frequently mentioned was Yoga. Con...

  4. Four Top Tips to Create an Inclusive SEND-Friendly Space

    by AkzoNobel

    With over 1.5 million children in the UK recognised as having special educational needs (SEN), the demand for spaces that cater to those who require extra support is growing. The nu...

  5. How Colleges are Improving Support for Students with Additional Needs

    by Jonny Mackley

    There are a number of reasons why a child or young person may require extra support with their learning in college or university, including disabilities or learning difficulties, al...

  6. Social Stories - Communication for People on the Autistic Spectrum or with Learning Differences

    by John@Evolve - Jonathan Brown

    People on the autistic spectrum or with a learning difference often find it more difficult to learn some of the things that come naturally to neuro-typical people. This in no way me...

  7. Sunflower Therapy for Children and Innate Maximum Potential (IMP) for Adults: Holistic Treatment for Learning and Performance Disorders

    by Mark Mathews

    This article focuses on the Sunflower Academy and the concept of its treatments: the Sunflower Therapy for children and Innate Maximum Potential (IMP) for adults, which combine the...

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