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  1. Applied Kinesiology Facilitates A Truly Holistic Approach

    by Brian Butler B.A., D.O.

    In 1964, Dr. George Goodheart, D.C., a chiropractor stumbled upon a remarkable discovery. Using some standard kinesiological muscle tests to analyse a patient's postural problems, ...

  2. It Isn't Funny

    by Vera Peiffer

    Kinesiologist Vera Peiffer highlights the devastating effect that alopecia can have on sufferers, particularly in terms of fear, lack of self-confidence and feeling self-conscious,...

  3. Kinesiology - an integrated approach for complementary therapists

    by Maggie la Tourelle

    Kinesiology, as well as being a complete system of natural health care in its own right, can be applied with very positive results in any therapy or walk of life. Kinesiology spans...

  4. Kinesiology - Diagnostic Tool to Identify Information and Messages from the Sub-Conscious

    by Angela Burr-Madsen

    Kinesiology comes from the Greek, kinesis - movement or kinein, to move. It is an expanding therapeutic tool and a key element in the wider field of energetic and bio-regulatory me...

  5. Kinesiology and its Applications

    by Pam Bracken

    The history of kinesiology, the study of muscles and body movement, is as old as Aristotle (384-322 BC). It takes in Leonardo da Vinci (1429-1519) and Galvani who, in 1780, discove...

  6. Kinesiology: Not Just An Allergy Test

    by Johnathan Stewart

    The basis of kinesiology is the use of muscle testing – holding a limb in a certain position and noting whether that position can be maintained, or not, when pressure is applied. I...

  7. LEAP

    by Susan J McCrossin

    The approach using LEAP can be very effectively applied to specific learning difficulties in children and adults with consistent success, where previously medication was the most c...

  8. LEAP for the Assessment and Correction of Specific Learning Difficulties

    by Susan J McCrossin

    Learning disability is an emerging problem, one that is not always apparent until the last years of school. Using the criterion of being two or more years behind on standardised te...

  9. META-Kinetics: A Synthesis of META-Medicine and Cyberkinetics

    by Joanne Ross, Robert Waghmare and Tremayne Reiss

    The article covers two topics: META-Medicine and Cyberkinetics, then explaining how the two fields can work together to form a comprehensive system for helping people achieve good ...

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