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  1. Angelic Reiki - A New Healing for our Time?

    by Kay Zega

    This article focuses on Angelic Reiki, which the author says Archangel Metatron describes as The New Healing for Our Time, a system of energy healing that will be paramount in bring...

  2. Case Study - Spirit Release benefits Asperger's Syndrome

    by Barbara Toovey & Sue Hulme

    This case is indeed inspiring. The authors write that Spirit release is not a new concept. Culturally throughout the world there are references to 'spirits' who return to this worl...

  3. Dispelling the Myths and Hysteria of 2012 - Channeling Archangel Michael through Susan Stothard

    by Robina Hearle

    Today I am going to talk to you about the untruths and myths surrounding the year 2012, which keep being circulated and constantly brought to the attention of mankind by those with ...

  4. Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) - Channelled Energy from the Angelic Realms

    by Gilly Workman

    The author describes her own experience of traumas leading to anxiety and depression as well as lower back pain and long-standing IBS.  She came across Integrated Energy Therapy  (...

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