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  1. Allergy Testing in the Laboratory

    by Mark Varey

    There are basically two classes of allergy testing. Tests to identify type I reactions, and tests to identify delayed types II and III reactions.

  2. Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing for Allergies and Food Sensitivities

    by Brian Butler B.A., D.O.

    When the knowledge of how to use a muscle test to test foods was first made public in 1972, the approach was somewhat simplistic, however, this did not prevent people from achievin...

  3. Chirokinetic Therapy

    by Maria Aristidou

    This article focuses on Chirokinetic Therapy (CKT) which the author describes as a relatively new cutting-edge therapy that can cause a dramatic change in bodily functions and he...

  4. Development of Test Systems for Allergy Testing: An Immunologist's Viewpoint

    by Dr Michael Walker

    Why patients produce antibodies to foods is not clearly understood at this time, however, it has been shown that if the reactive foods are removed from the diet, a significant numb...

  5. Eliminating and IgG Food Allergy Testing

    by Dr Sidney MacDonald Baker, MD

    Dr Baker is a practising physician in Weston, Connecticut, with a special interest in the environmental and biochemical aspects of chronic health problems, both in children and in ...

  6. Food Allergy Testing - The Future

    by Celia Wright

    In 1994 a two and a half year old child was brought to see a Dr. Grant Born in Grand Rapids. The child had already seen many physicians. The boy appeared in the office as a very ma...

  7. Food Intolerance, Low Carb Diets and ALCAT Testing

    by Fred Pescatore and Roger Davis Deutsch

    In this short article, the two authors present the published research demonstrating the biochemical and immunological evidence regarding the link between diet, identification and...

  8. Getting under the skin of Computerised Electro Dermal Screening A Practitioner's Point of View

    by Anne Smithells

    Anne Smithells uses the Life Information System Ten (LISTEN System), a Computerised Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS) device, as the diagnostic workhorse of her clinic. She has had c...

  9. Managing Food Intolerance: The Pros and Cons of the ALCAT test

    by John Richardson

    This article focuses on food intolerances and nutrients and the ALCAT process for testing. Today, more and more people suffering health issues, with conditions such as irritable bo...

  10. Neutrophil Reactivity - The NuTron Test

    by Ian Stoakes

    The subject of food allergy is a contentious subject. Nutrition is almost absent from most medical curricula and with no obvious financial beneficiary from research, investigation ...

  11. Testing for Food Sensitivity

    by Dr PJ Fell Lond.

    The ALCAT test simply measures a change in the size of white cells after they have been incubated with individual foods, food constituents and food chemicals.The test ranks the foo...

  12. The Elimination Diet A Foolproof Way of Diagnosing Food Intolerance

    by Linda Gamlin

    First things first: let's be clear about what food intolerance is, or rather, what it is not. It is not food allergy (and it does no one any good to confuse the two conditions).

  13. The Food Allergen Cellular Test (FACT)

    by Nigel Abraham

    The results of this study seem to confirm that the combination of the F.A.C. Test and other laboratory parameters in conjunction with a nutritional assessment seems to be the way f...

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